Indominus rex

This is another of the ‘In a real lab‘ series. I enjoy drawing them although they are ridiculously niche and not exactly going to go viral. I’ve not even bothered putting it on any merchandise although if you would like it on a card, note book, poster or even a bedspread let me know and I’d be delighted to arrange it.

Pending ethical approval obviously…

This sums up my approach to cloning. I had a freezer full of literally hundreds of plasmids I’d made over the years, the majority of which were never published. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the patience or persistence to churn out papers as I should. Obviously they were all relevant to various research projects but many were made out of curiosity to answer those ‘What if…?’ questions. Perusing the Addgene website I’m like a little boy in a toy shop, so many cool bits of DNA to tinker with. Ooh look a new colour/brighter/controllable fluorescent protein…!

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