“Brain is wide, brain is deep.” Eddie Vedder Unthought known 2009

As I type there are just over 30 hours remaining in 2020 and we’re just about to enter Tier 57 of Lockdown 94 or something. Way back in March when we were all being encouraged to make use of lockdown to do all those things we’d be putting off – learn a new language, take up speed-knitting, dust behind the bookcases – I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to refresh axonology.com. I would also lightly wound two birds with one stone by using WordPress instead of coding it from scratch myself which sort of counts as learning a new language. I changed host, bought WordPress guides and was all ready to go… Nine months later the two birds are not even scratched, they’re sat up on a branch chirping derisively.

Not for much longer. I’ve still no idea what the finished website will look like or even all the stuff I want to include so why have I published this work in progress? Because otherwise it will go through endless drafts and still never see the light of day. So please forgive the holes and bear with me as I slowly try and shape this into something that I hope will be of interest. There will definitely be cartoons, there’ll be some of the educational stuff I’m up to, there’ll be thoughts about how these overlap and hopefully something coherent will emerge.