brain cartoon

Astro Brain Repair

This design came about by accident. I’d been working for a long time on a detailed picture of an astrocyte in a garage as an analogy for synaptic repair. The challenge I set myself was to do a full composition, not just a cartoon cell. Backgrounds are not my strong point. In one version I’d hand sketched a rough poster outline and then pasted in some existing Axonology designs. They looked OK but I had a nagging feeling that if I was going to do the background properly I needed to really go all in and had the idea of doing a custom poster. This was one of those rare designs that seemed to come together without a struggle, I pretty much finished it on a single train journey. Although I don’t intend to use this as a regular working habit. I’ve started on a few more – I’ve got a whole series of glia drawings planned. I’ll also explain more about the original design when it’s finished, it’ll make a good example of how a piece develops. For a sneak peek of what’s coming up next in the glia series, have a look at Mike Rhoglia the synaptic barber

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