This cartoon is a close relative of Neurons vs Glia, I’d been using Superglue as a tongue in cheek slide title in the same talk. One time when I was reviewing them a superhero glial cell flew out at me. Normally I don’t draw cells with proper hands. Partly because hands are hard to draw (feet are even worse!) and partly because I want to retain the impression of pseudopodia. In this case though, full on Marvel style fists were needed. Originally only the cape was wrapping up the neurons like myelin but at the last moment I thought I’d add some dangling from the fists too. It added to the intimate link between neurons and glia whilst also making him look less like he was about to punch someone. I feel that in my efforts to balance the history of disparagement of glia, I’m starting to overcompensate. Discuss.

This design is available on a range of cool products from my RedBubble store.

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